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ECrent is a group founded by Ms. Deborah Yuen, based on Sharing Economy,which promotes the sharing of all kinds of resources, and to encourage people to develop entrepreneurial opportunities by developing newly rental markets; Effective utilizing unused items into recycling channels, to achieve an orderly development. The so-called "Make the best possible use of men, exhaust the use of property" is the true meaning of Sharing Economy.

ECinteract is a brand of ECrent, to develop interactive broadcasting technologies and platform, which enable sharing on the television broadcasting industry. Through ECinteract, TV broadcasting will become an effective idea sharing platform, allowing TV audiences to widely participate into the development of TV contents, as well as enabling communications and exchanges between audiences. ECinteract platform brings the interactive and targeting content delivery advantages of Internet into TV broadcasting industry.

ECrent aims at creating a true user/audience interactive platform within television broadcasting, utilizing the mass participation of television broadcasting channels and also the interactive and viral behaviors of Internet channels.

ECinteract Sharing Platform (ESP) acts as the bridge to connect Internet channels with television broadcasting channels, integrating user interaction activities and television broadcasting.

ECinteract Sharing Platform (ESP) utilizes the user interactivity behaviors, viral networking as well as targeted marketing components into traditional single-sided "content push" based television broadcasting. During the past 10 years, the growth of Internet has been taking over the market, especially the youth market, of television broadcasting. During the past 20+ years of civil Internet media (contents and applications) development, Internet media has grown from single-sided content push model, into interactive user generated content model. This has already been proven to be more accepted by the new generation of users/audiences, who are also the major contributors of the consumer spending markets.

Instead of competing with the continuous rapid growth of the Internet, ECrent defines and creates the ECinteract Sharing Platform (ESP), which aims at merging television broadcasting into the Internet business model. Instead of changing television broadcasting businesses, ESP aims as enriching the Internet business model with the addition of television broadcasting channels.

Through ESP, ECrent will be able to extend Internet business models into television broadcasting businesses, building a very unique new business sector with this media channels crossover. Television broadcasting provides a broadly sharable multimedia content distribution channel, while Internet provides a data driven real-time interactive user platform.

ECinteract Sharing Platform Technologies

ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App

The ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App (APP) acts as the interactive user interface between the television broadcaster and the audiences. The APP will maintain bi-directional communications with the ECinteract Intelligent Control Server; so APP contents will be changed while different TV programs are being broadcasted. Unlike other TV station Apps, ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App (APP) actually runs in synchronize with the live TV broadcasting. TV broadcasters can deliver value-added contents, eCommerce campaigns, games that interact with the currently broadcasting TV program, live voting, and more other features to the TV audiences, so audiences can truly participate and interact while watching the TV broadcasting programs.

The ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App (APP) will be developed to support all market popular mobile operating systems, include Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets should be supported.

The ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App (APP) can provide the following interactions between audiences and TV broadcasting programs:
Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets should be supported.

  • 1. Voting-Obtain real-time voting on selections offer at TV program. Such voting may affect current program progresses or show contents.
  • 2. Content Selection-Allow audiences to choose preferred contents from selection provided. Such selection may affect real-time or future program content.
  • 3. eCommerce-To provide product/services promotional offerings from current TV program.
ECinteract Intelligent Control Server

ECinteract Intelligent Control Server (EICS) is the central intelligent control system of the whole ECinteract Sharing Platform (ESP). EICS receives broadcaster schedules and status from the Broadcasting Server, to keep synchronize with the broadcasting server programs, and so the proper overlay signals and contents will be sent to the Overlay Server at the scheduled program time, or receives control instructions from the broadcasting control centre.

EICS can get data and executes certain pre-programmed data analytic logics to generate analytic results, which can use to determine the overlay output, broadcasting server, or audience interactive information output to be provided to the broadcasting control centre, so as to allow the TV broadcasting program contents and flow can be determined by the audience interactive actions. Such interactive TV broadcasting program content delivery, either is delivered through pre-programmed overlay content logics, pre-programmed broadcasting video clip selections, or by manual actions through the data analytic results provided.

ECinteract Intelligent Control Server (EICS) develops and runs on a Java-based enterprise application server. The EICS has interfaces to connect with:

  • 1. ECinteract TV Broadcaster Interactive Mobile App.
  • 2. ECinteract Broadcasting Control Centre Console.
  • 3. Broadcasting Server.
  • 4. Overlay Server.

Only EICS has direct connection to the ECInteract Data Bank and Anlytics System (EDBA). EICS builds into a multi-location distributed, load-balancing, failover architecture, which ensures 24/7 year round operation of television broadcasting operations, with millions of audiences and simultaneous interactions. Only ONE EICS server will be connected to the Broadcasting Server and Overlay Server at a time.

ECinteract Data Bank and Anlytics System

The ECinteract Data Bank and Analytics System (EDBA) builds with distributed enterprise database architecture, co-locate with ECinteract Intelligent Control Server (EICS) distributions, to ensure security integrity and data access efficiency between EICS and EDBA systems. Database server synchronization is maintained at "real-time", through private network connections between the database servers at distributed locations.

A data analytics system will be built on top of the data bank, which provides data results through the data application interfaces, as well as application programming interface (API), which being utilizes by third party system integrations and mobile APP development.

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